05 February 2007


Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows. - David T. Wolf

More than a month and a half later...here I am again. I hope to be able to post regularly from now on (yeah, right!).

On that note, the quote above does seem to make sense. I mean older people (with potentially more experience) tend to be conservative and cynical. I know I'm not quite as idealistic as I used to be, but I think there's still a streak of idealism left in me. I haven't lost hope that is, although I have to admit, there is also a bit more of cynicism. Still, I want to hold to whatever idealistic thoughts I still hold to, if only to give me hope. No sense going through life being a cynic and a pessimist. Thankfully, I an easy going person so my complaints about life notwithstanding, I'm still a pretty happy person.

So what have I been up to? Up to my neck with work, but as usual, no one to blame but me (see November 27, 2006 and September 8, 2006 posts). Fortunately, I'm just one article down, and I have made up my mind to finish by tomorrow (not least of the reasons being it's my deadline tomorrow). I've been trying to improve my work ethic, but somehow, my brain just works best when I'm pressured, as it is now. I only took a break because I was getting tired of writing about chicken and pigs.

Next month, I'm off to Bangkok for 4 days to help cover the VIV Asia exhibition (a huge livestck and poultry show, but still nothing like its European counterpart, I heard). But what I'm looking forward to (despite my hate for flying) is a trip to China in April. As usual, it's work related (not that I'll be able to afford to travel there on leisure anyway), and I'll be leaving April 21 and coming back to Manila April 26 (or 27 depending on where I will be leaving China from). There is a congress of Asian pig veterinarians in Wuhan, in Hebei province. Quite some way from Beijing and Shanghai, one of which will be my point of entry and exit. I figured I could stay an extra day just to see some sights. China has always been one of my dream destinations, so I'm excited that the dream will be fulfilled this year, even if I have to attend a piggy convention to do it.

Then in June, Ben and I are going to Kuala Lumpur. One of my bosses have very nicely invited us to stay at her house so I took her up on her offer. We'll be joined by Carrie and Terrie, and Karen might fly in too, although she'll be staying at a hotel. Anyway, the four of us (The Coven) have wanted to travel together for a long time now. We've done it before, but just within the Luzon. A couple of years back (or is it more?), we almost got it organised that we'll get together in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, but unfortunately, things fell through for me. So now is our chance. I'm soooo excited!


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