04 September 2006

Book buying moratorium

The Bookfair has come and gone...and I have nothing to show for it. I didn't even go. I could've joining my friends Cayie and Te on their Bookfair Adventure, but no, I had to do something else.

Oh well, it's probably a good thing I didn't go. I've decided not to buy any books between now and Christmas (at least) to try and cut back on my personal spending (meaning buying stuff for myself...very, very hard to do!). Had I gone, either I would've splurged on books or would've been depressed because I would have forced myself not to buy books. Neither very appealing at this point. I thought I'd be able to get something from Fully Booked in Gateway, but the books there are still expensive, despite the sale.

Thankfully, I got a book from Cayie for my birthday (The Best American Science and Nature Writing - 2003 edition), which I am enjoying to the fullest. Reading popular science and nature articles is interesting so this book is perfect. I like the very first article, which discussed the role of the grandmothers in families. It appears more and more researchers are delving into the issue. Since I hope to be a grandmother someday, the article was good food for thought. Interestingly enough, in some studies, the paternal grandmother (which I may eventually be someday) appears to have no impact, or even negative impact. Hey, I ain't going to be one of those paternal lolas, he he he.

So far, I've read seven articles, and they've all been interesting. One of them takes a look at how the lopsided way the US responded to 9/11 attacks. I think I'll save my comments on that for another entry. I gotta go get ready to pick Ben up from school now.


At 5/9/06 10:39 AM, Blogger carrie said...

Glad you like book, Cutie :)


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