24 August 2006

Am I hungry!

If you are what you eat, then I'm fast, cheap and easy. (Anonymous)

Since I'm a big fan of fastfood (currently Taco Bell), this seems to be true in my case. (Although some people would say that while tacos are fast and easy to prepare at Taco Bell, they aren't exactly cheap!). Let's see, here's my five favorite fast food restos at the moment:

1) Taco Bell
2) McDonald's
3) Chow King
4) Burger King
5) KFC

Right now, I'm really craving for a beef taco supreme (actually, two beef taco supremes). And horrors of horrors, I'm almost down to my last cent. It's at least another week before my money comes in, and I am so craving for tacos.

My father has been on my case regarding my penchant for fast food: They're fattening, he says. This from my father who used to get on my nerves about being too thin. Now that I'm much bigger, he is on my case constantly about the amount of food I eat, which he says has nothing but fat, fat, fat.

I've been trying for years now to lose the weight I gained after I gave birth four years ago, without success. Oh for a while, I was able to fit back into my prepregnancy jeans (with much effort, I tell you). I even got myself a treadmill (unused to date).

Starting this morning, I resolved to cut back on my food, and ate very little for breakfast. Sadly, the adobo we had for lunch led to another rice binge. When will I be able to discipline myself when it comes to food?

And now here's by brother asking me to buy merienda. Like I said, I'm pretty much broke (P100 in my wallet), but I am hungry...Hmmmnn, maybe a few pieces of siomai will do. I'm off.


At 3/9/06 8:50 AM, Blogger carrie said...

Hey I'm hungry for more posts! ;P


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