18 August 2006

Pop and popcorn...and the loo

The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder. (Alfred Hitchcock)

Unlike most of my friends, I'm not really a movie buff. In some instances, years pass between my trips to the movie theater. This year so far, I can recall seeing four movies, The DaVinci Code, X3: The Last Stand, Cars, and POTC: Dead Man's Chest. Wow, now that I've thought of it, that's a bit more than my yearly average which, in the stretch of my nearly four decades, would probably hover around 1-2 movies a year. Anyway, my count this year is more than I recall seeing last year (Mr & Mrs Smith, Pride and Prejudice). I might have seen more, but those are the only two I actually remember watching. I do watch DVDs though, but still not to the extent that Kuya Toti (my eldest brother) and my friends do. In fact, most of the movies I've seen have been viewed in the comforts of my home and my bed.

There are movies that I don't mind seeing over and over though. The satisfaction I've gotten from watching my extended versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy has more than offset the price I paid for them, and I haven't tired of the movies yet. I also like going over and over the Indiana Jones trilogy and the original Star Wars trilogy. Maybe I have a thing for trilogies (which means I better prepare space for my future Pirates of the Carribean trilogy). There are other movies I like, but I think I'd save that list for a future entry.

Anyway, I digress from my quote of the day. I like Mr Hitchcock's quip because for some reason, I always have trouble finishing a movie in a theater without going to the bathroom at least once. Hmmnn, could that be why I don't like watching movies? My concentration gets foiled by the fact that my bladder needs frequent emptying (oh yeah, that's something the world wants to know, I'm sure). See, I like having drinks and popcorn while watching movies. Somehow, watching movies is just more fun when you can dig your fingers into cheese popcorn that turns your fingertips a yucky orange and drink gallons of ice tea or soft drink. Unfortunately for me, that would mean having to stand up at least once and missing what's likely an essential part of whatever movie it is I happen to be watching. Take the night I watched Dead Man's Chest. I am proud to say I stayed in my seat the whole time...however, I didn't have a drop of anything to drink. (Thanks for the popcorn, XC!) That was done on purpose though, because I knew if I drank anything...well...

Then again, giving way to Mr Hitchcock's suggestion and my body clock would probably mean movies that last only 20 minutes long, which most movie producers will probably balk at, or would they? I wonder if I'd like 20-minute movies? Eh...don't think so.

Maybe I'll have a birthday resolution: From now on, I'll go see more movies, and yes, in the theaters. At the very least, it will give me more chances to be with my friends.

Now, if only Brad Pitt and Dermot Mulroney would release more movies...


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