19 August 2006

I'm alive...I'm happy

Today, I'm a year older. I don't feel a year older, but I am. Do I feel any wiser? Not really. But one thing is sure: I'm alive and I'm happy.

This morning, my son gave me a card he made in class. It's wrinkly and a bit messy, but it's the most beautiful card I've ever received.


At 20/8/06 10:15 AM, Blogger carrie said...

I'm happy you're alive too Isa! :D

At 20/8/06 3:35 PM, Blogger isa said...

Thanks Cayie. Friends like you are among the reasons why I'm happy! :-D

At 22/8/06 11:06 AM, Blogger lances said...

i am happy you are living your life happily... ;D


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