08 March 2011

Giving it another shot...again

Another four months has passed since my last shot at blogging. Looking back at that last entry I said I was itching to go back to blogging. Some itching that was. Anyway, I was in Ho Chi Minh that day and now I'm in Bangkok. Both occasions are work-related. That time I was in HCMC for the Vietstock and now I'm in Bangkok for the VIV. It's the animals, thank you.

I will write about that Vietnam trip and this trip and I won't take forever to do that either. But as it is, I have to get ready for a market briefing I have to cover this afternoon. So I will post my pics, do whatever later tonight. This is just to psyche myself up and to get myself in the blogging mode again. I don't really think too many people will be reading this blog, and in fact it might just be me, but it's good to get some words out.

Something to write about later...view from my hotel room window, one taken last evening, the other taken this morning:


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I always read your blog...


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