28 May 2007

A sad day

Yesterday, while attending mass, someone snatched my aunt's handbag. It had my phone, my wallet, my keys, and worst, my aunt's ring which she got from her aunt, an heirloom. It happened when we stood up as mass was starting. My aunt put the bag on the seat, as was our custom in church, and within seconds, it was gone. We don't know who took it, although one of the ladies sitting behind us said a young man took it. She paid no attention because she thought he was with us. Strange considering he wasn't sitting next to us. I know we're partly to blame for leaving the bag on the pew, but we were in church. That's what has been bothering me up to now.

I've always thought of the church as a safe place. I know I've always felt safe there. But I was shaken by yesterday's event. Oh, I know it's not like I was hurt or anything. Still, it's sad to know that even in Church, people are unscrupulous enough to do things like this. I know it's somewhat naive of me to think that just because it's church, nothing bad can happen, but somehow, I just do. This is my place of worship. I don't want to think bad thoughts about other people when I'm in church, and yesterday it was difficult not to. I don't like the feeling, but I couldn't finish the mass yesterday. I kept thinking about what happened and I couldn't concentrate on the mass.

That said, we sure learned a lesson. From now on, we will be making sure our bags and belongings will be in full view always even when in church. It's hard not to feel paranoid after what happened, but it might take some time before the feeling wears off. I'm still going to go to church, of course, but I only hope I'll be able to feel truly safe there again.


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